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Rotary Endodontics With Global Standards

Topics for this course

22 Lessons


This section has 5 seminars and 5 demonstration videos
RubberDamology Intro00:01:15
Part 1: Why Rubber Dam?00:9:38
Part 1
Part 2 : Armamentarium00:18:25
Demonstration Video : Armamentarium00:1:4
Part 3: Case Preparation00:11:56
Demonstration Video : How to place a Rubber Dam?00:8:13
Part 4: Techniques00:16:05
Demonstration Video: Sectional Isolation Of Posterior Teeth00:4:56
Demonstration Video: Sectional Isolation of Anterior Teeth4:03
Part 5: Removal Of Rubber Dam00:09:51


General Dentistry

Pre-Clinical Assignments


Material Includes

  • 1) Apron
  • 2) Students are requested to get few extra extracted teeth for additional learnings and as spares


  • Stable Internet Connection

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