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2 -CASES : RS.45,000/-

5- CASES: 90,000/-


7 CASES:Rs.1,30,000/-


20 CASES: 3 Lakhs

40 CASES: 5 Lakhs 


Want to Learn Dental Implants, but have no time to attend Courses? Dental Implants have become very popular this decade and have become the treatment of choice for replacement of missing teeth. Earlier, dental implants were only practiced by Prosthodontists, Oral Surgeons and Periodontists. But, with the advent of dental implant courses, any dentist is able to place dental implants. You don’t need to attend Long & Expensive Courses especially since practicing dentists have fewer time on hand. We have, keeping in mind a Practitioner’s need, structured a Course of 5 Days (3 Modules) which includes all that is needed to start Dental Implant Practice:


DAY 1 :-
 – Introduction To Implants. 
 – Materials, Design.
 – Classification .
 – Applied Anatomy .
 – Bone Physiology .
 – Bone grafts, Wound Healing, Osseo Intergration e.t.c.
 – Flap Designs. 
 – Flapless Surgery .
 – Demostration of Various implant Systems.

DAY 2 :- 
 – Pre-Surgical Consideration. 
 – Sterlization & Asepsis.
 – Medication.
 – Lab Investigation.
–  Live Surgery Demostration By The Faculty :  – Dummy Implant Placement by Participants on(Hands On).


DAY 3 :- Participants Will Place their first implant on Patient Under Mentorship.

– NOTE : (Patient Wiill Be Provided by us. Participants Can also get their own patients, if they so wish).

DAY 4 :-
– Pre prosthetic options, Prosthesis selection. 
 – Impression Techniques.
 – Prosthetic Options For .
 – Single tooth .
 – Multiple missinh teeth / Distal Extension cases .
 – Completely Edentulous : Implant retained.
 – Implant Supported. 
 – Hybrid Denture .
 – Implant Stability.
– Checking of Osseointegration.
 – Implant Exposure.
 – Implant Occlusion.
 – implant Aesthatics.
 – Post Implant Maintenance.
 – Post Implant Complications and their management.
 – Take home tips for implant placement & Discussion.
 – Certificate Distribution . 




DAY 5 :-
– Participants Will Place Their 2nd Implant under mentornship.

– Hands on impression making of patients in whom implants have been previously placed by participant in second module . 

6 Days more after Basic Course.
Over a Period of 6 Months.
Place Different types of Implants on 7 patients ( Including 2 advanced cases).
ISOI Fellowship Opportunity : Guidance

Residency Courses in Implantology: 

1. Duration: 8 months

Cases: 20

Fee: INR 3 Lakhs + Gst

2.Duration: 1 year

Cases: 40

Fee : INR 5 Lakhs + Gst


Salient features:

Includes Prosthetic rehabiliations

Immediate placements 

Immediate loading cases

Socket shield case

Overdenture Case

Cases under cad/cam surgical guides

Flapless cases

Guided Bone regeneration cases

Socket presevation cases

Cases in the Aesthetic zone

1 Full Arch/All on 4 case with Multiunits and Immediate loading 


Periodontal Module:I

Implant site Preparation
Socket Grafting
Socket Preservation
Guided Bone Regeneration: Grafts and Membranes
Soft Tissue Management:
Free gingival & CT grafts
Ridge Augmentation: Horizontal & Vertical

Surgical Module:

Ridge Splits
Expansion with Densah Burs
Socket Shield Technique
Sinus Lifts: Direct & Indirect
Single & Basal Implants
Pterygoid & Zygomatic Implants

Prosthetic Module:

Aesthetic Considerations
Alternate methods to avoid Sinus Lifts & Ridge Augmentation
Tilted Implantology:
All on 4
All on 6
Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Immediate Loading Protocols
Hybrid Dentures
Over Dentures
Impression making ( By Participants)
Prostheses Delivery ( By Participants)

PS: As we have limited seats, Fees refund or course Transfer is not possible under any circumstances.

Attractive Group Booking and Multiple Course booking Concessions


CUSTOMISED COURSES (Your City, @ Your Clinic) :
These are On-Demand Courses!!
Customised to suit your unique needs
You always wanted to upgrade yourself but could not find time
Or Distance prevented you from learning. Well’ here is the Solution:
Now, The Faculties will come to you; at Time and Place of your Convenience!!
And without disturbing your Practice Schedule
PROVIDED: If You meet Following Conditions:
Minimum 4 Participants ( or Fees)
@ Your Place
Travel, Boarding and Lodging expenses of the Faculty to be taken care by the Participants.

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