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Rotary Endodontics - 1 Month Course

10% Fee Rebate for MDS Participants

Complimentary 2 Days Implantology Workshop worth Rs 10,000 with this Course


  1. Pre-endodontic build-up
  2. Various techniques to determine working length
  3. Why should we pre-curve our files?
  4. The most commonly overlooked fact about root canal treatment
  5. What is coronal flaring?
  6. The correct way to approach a root canal system
  7. Understanding length, diameter and taper
  8. What is a glide path?
  9. Preparing a glide path
  10. Consequences of not preparing a glide path
  11. Length? Yes. Number? Yes. But have you ever thought to measure the thickness of roots?
  12. Management of curvatures in root canals
  13. Identifying joining canals
  14. Why does my no. 15 file not go to length?
  15. Electronic apex locators
  16. EDTA: Viscous type
  17. EDTA: Aqueous type
  18. In tooth simulation of cleaning and shaping a mandibular 2nd premolar
  19. In tooth simulation of cleaning and shaping a mandibular 2nd molar
  20. Treating apically splitting canals
  1. Introduction to fluid dynamics
  2. Introduction to irrigation protocol
  3. How to correctly use needles while irrigating
  4. Correct irrigation protocol for vital teeth
  5. The best way to irrigate non-vital teeth
  6. Sonic activation of irrigants
  7. Ultrasonic irrigation
  8. Laser activated irrigation
  9. What is photochemical disinfection?
  10. Types of intra-canal medicaments
  11. When to use an intra-canal medicament and for how long?
  12. Placing an intra-canal medicament
  13. The correct way to place an intra-canal medicament
  14. Management of acute apical abscess
  15. Sodium hypochlorite accident
  1. Sealers: Which, when and how?
  2. Choosing the correct sealant and material to obturate
  3. How to correctly coat a canal with sealant
  4. Scouting the apical diameter
  5. When to obturate the root canal
  6. Types of obturating materials
  7. Choosing the correct gutta percha: Apical gauging
  8. Different obturating techniques
  9. Tips for lateral compaction
  10. Downpack: Cutting the GP at the right place
  11. In tooth demonstration of obturation of a mandibular second molar
  12. In tooth simulation of a core carrier obturation of a mandibular 2nd premolar
  13. Opening, cleaning and obturating splitting canals
  1. Procedural errors during access opening and their management
  2. Procedural errors during cleaning and shaping and their management
  3. Procedural errors during obturation and their management
  1. A tip for temporary restorations
  2. An important principle of minimally invasive dentistry
  3. The importance of coronal seal
  4. Understanding the various core build up materials
  5. Alcohol scrub: A tip to improve bonding after endodontic treatment
  6. Manual dynamic etching
  7. Using coloured core build up materials: How, when and why
  8. In tooth demonstration of core build up of a mandibular second molar
  9. Flowable core build up of a mandibular 2nd premolar
  10. Step by step fiber post placement tutorial
  11. Remember studying about resistance form
  12. Post-operative instructions after root canal treatment


  1. Global Best Practice:  Rubber Dam, hypochlorite, Edta & chlorhexidine irrigation with Sonic Activation
  2.  Rubberdam & 4x Loupes: Cases under Rubberdam Isolation & 4x Dental Loupes as applicable
  3. Focus on High Quality
  4. Thorough theory
  5. Comprehensive Hands-on
  6. Quality Mentorship
  7. Through Clinical Exposure


  1. 5 Rubberdam Assignments
  2. 10 Root Canal Assignments on Extracted Teeth
  3. 10 RCT’s (Live Cases)




Course Director +91-90328 29848 

 Admission Department: +91-91772 39855


Complimentary 2 Days Implantology Workshop worth Rs 10,000 with this Course

  • Payable Fees: INR 75,000
  • Registration Fee: INR 35,000
  • Full fee to be paid on Joining Date

Fee Deposit Options

Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Ace Dental
AC No: 50455390170
IFSC Code : IDIB000V541
Bank Name: Indian Bank
Branch : Chikkadaplly



Razorpay Payment Link

Note: The academy does not accept cash for fee payments.

Material Requirement

  1. Apron
  2. Aerotor
  3. Extracted Teeth: 5 Anterior & 5 Posterior
  4. 1 Set of K Files
  5. 1 Set of Rotary Files ( 4% & 6%)
  6. All the other dental materials for the duration of the course shall be catered for by the Institute/ 3rd Party Clinic (Externship Students)


What is the eligibility criteria to join the course?

Students need to have a valid Local Dental Council registration, with a valid BDS or MDS Degree from a recognized Dental College.

Yes, Course Completion will be provided to all Students who successfully complete the course quota. A experience letter shall also be provided which shall be based on quota completed under proper protocols and timely submission of case documentation.

Documentation involves uploading /Sharing pre-op, mid-op and post op photo of the respective course Quota on Ace Institute Telegram Group with relevant clinical points of significance in a timely manner.

Case Documentation is essential for:

1) Self Evaluation

2) Mentor Evaluation

3) Statutory Medico-Legal Requirement

4) Portfolio Preparing a comprehensive a portfolio for Future Job Opportunities

5) Research & Study

6) Unified Case Gallery: Good clinical photographs for pre-op, mid-treatment and post-treatment evaluation, follow-up, research, publication, seminars, conferencing, as well as patient canvassing and marketing of skills.

7) Scholarships & Certificate: Case documentation is mandatory to receive final Certificate of training & Scholarships

Refer the material requirement section above.

Subject to availability Institute can provide accommodation for female participants at its in-house Hostel.

Institute also has a 3rd Party Tie-Up with She- Stays Girls Hostel , which can also be considered by Female Students

Ace Institute of Dentistry time to time announces scholarships, which as and when decided upon shall be reflected in the course page above and our social media platforms.

Yes, we provide easy payment options. You may contact our Admissions Team for the same.

But we advice students to pay the complete course fees on course joining date, so as to avail certain Discounts over the total Fees

Yes, kindly contact our Admission Department for more info.


  1. The Duration may extend depending on patient availability and participants learning ability.
  2. Doctors are required to maintain a professional appearance by adhering to proper formal attire, as expected of medical professionals. However, we understand and respect individual religious beliefs, and any necessary adaptations to attire will be considered. It is kindly requested that during working hours, unless religiously necessary, any visible ear/nose piercings, anklets, or similar accessories be minimized to ensure a professional and focused environment.
  3. It is important for the student to pass the assessment  hands-on workshop with atleast 60% marks to be eligible to start the Clinicals.
  4. Those students scoring less than 60 percentile ( who require extra attention/efforts to improve their work and speed) shall be required to re-attend the workshop/Repeat Hands-on again, passing the Hands-On is mandatory.
  5. Students need to be ready to work/travel to any of our branches including rotatory postings.
  6. To encourage knowledge sharing as well as improving quality of teaching-learning, it is mandatory at Ace to do documentation of each case; As such, a min. documentation of the 70% cases is mandatory to receive course completeion certificate
  7. Course syllabus, teaching pedagogy as well as materials required are subject to change from time to time and shall be reflected on the website as such.
  8. As admission intakes are limited, courses once registered cannot be changed and the fees is non adjustable and non refundable under any circumstances whatsoever
  9. The students also are expected to show a professional conduct and follow rules of the clinic/branch they are posted even as they update from time to time
  10. Timings: Students are to adhere to respective Branch Timings.
  11. Leaves:  Unplanned leave: Atleast 24 hrs Prior. Minimum 3 days prior: Planned leaves.
  12. Students are to make sure, any pending cases are complete/rescheduled accordingly. Under no circumstance inconvenience to the patient shall be accepted.
  13. Patient Management Software: Most of our Branches have clinic management software’s. Students are to update their respective case progress on day to day basis, in the software.


“Best practice in Dentistry: Implantology, Rotary Endodontics, Lasers, Impactions, Fixed Ortho, Perio, etc”


Ace Institute Of Dentistry, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad, Telangana

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