What is the Career after BDS?

What is the Career after BDS?

What after BDS are you confused? No Worry, most of students are having same problem.  You can join a PG Course After BDS to Pursue Higher Studies in Dentistry or our Traditional and most choices of the students is Go for MDS after BDS. But there is many Career option after BDS. Read this blog and get to know dental courses after BDS.

Join MDS after BDS?

After completing BDS exam, if you want to join MDS then clearing NEET exam is compulsory to either a government college or a private college. The benefit of MDS is giving you additional clinical knowledge so you can get nice salary or you can work much better during your clinical practice.

MDS NEET 2021 Join

If you want to join MDS then you need to clear MDS NEET 2021 exam. In case if you are having any confusion discuss with senior they will help you. After clearing MDS NEET 2021 exam your course fee would be very low and get chances to get better college, work with senior doctor of the hospital. 

A career in Teaching-as a Lecturer:

 It is the most popular career options after BDS you can join a dental college as a faculty member and While working there you can prepare for PG or NEET exams. After clearing MDS you can become a senior lecturer in a dental college.

Start your own Dental Clinic after BDS:

It is the most common and best career option after BDS to start your own Dental Clinic and get good income source.  But you must know that you have to invest much more and you also need to do some research before starting your own clinic of your competitor so we recommended you to join a private clinic and practice there at least one year and learn how to  manage your patients in best way, finance, expenses, and treatments.

Working as a Dentist in Overseas

If you want to work overseas and looking to make nice income source then it is glorious career opportunity. But you should know that every country has their rules for dentist to clear exams to be eligible for practice.

Get Government Job as a Dentist after BDS

If you are looking a Government Job in India as a Dentist after BDS then it is the best career option for you. The central and State governments  always have opening post in various sectors sometimes temporary rural posting and after that become permanent but it depend on that departments.

A Good Career in Dental Blogging after BDS:

If you love to write or make video then it is the great career options after BDS. You can guide to public (patients), students and other by share your articles, videos, news, etc which one you love and earn from Google, YouTube and become an affiliates.

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