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Welcome to Ace Institute of Dentistry

Ace was founded with the vision of Dr. Amit Gilani, who, upon completing his graduation, identified a significant gap in the education of dental students. Recognizing the challenges faced by freshly graduated dentists, Dr. Gilani set out to contribute to dental education by establishing a learning institution that prioritizes practical experience and real-world mentorship.

Having witnessed the limitations of traditional dental education, where patient flow was often insufficient, teaching methodologies were outdated, and recent advancements in dentistry were overlooked, we embarked on a mission to bridge this gap. With a firm belief in the principle of “Learn By Doing,” he co-founded Dental Training Institutes: Asian Dental Academy & Asian Institute of Advanced Dentistry. Subsequently, in March 2015, Ace was established.

At Ace Institute of Dentistry, we adhere to three core values: ethics, hands-on learning, and best practice protocols aligned with international standards. Our commitment to these values drives our educational approach, ensuring that every student receives comprehensive training that prepares them for the challenges of modern dentistry.

Central to our philosophy is the empowerment of dentists in their educational journey through ample patient exposure so that they are Practice ready! We recognize the importance of practical experience in shaping competent dental professionals. Therefore, students at Ace Institute are provided with case opportunities only after undergoing rigorous pre-clinical workshops, assignments, live demonstrations, and extensive vivas. Our on-site mentorship ensures that each student receives personalized guidance, fostering ethical practices and instilling confidence in handling real-life cases.

In addition to our comprehensive educational programs, Ace Institute of Dentistry offers a range of dental workshops and courses designed to cater to the evolving needs of dental professionals. These workshops provide focused training in specialized areas of dentistry, further enhancing our students’ skills and expertise.

Unlike traditional learning platforms, Ace Institute of Dentistry goes beyond mere theoretical knowledge. We offer practical, real-time mentorship and exposure to diverse cases, equipping our students with the skills and confidence to excel in their dental careers. With a focus on ethics, hands-on learning, and international best practices, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of proficient and compassionate dental professionals.

Join us at and embark on a journey of transformative education that empowers you to make a difference in the world of dentistry.


Welcome to Ace Institute of Dentistry! We offer short-term and long-term workshops and clinical courses for dentists. We operate on three core values: Ethics, learning by doing and Best Practice Protocols aligned with international standards. we offer a range of courses on Endodontics, Implantology, Exodontia, lasers and more. Our hands-on approach ensures ample patient exposure empowering dentists to excel in their practice.


Ace Institute Of Dentistry, Kishanbagh, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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