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Laser Dentistry

10% Fee Rebate for MDS Participants

Easy 0% EMI Options Available for this course

Laser Dentistry Course in Ace Dental Institute


  1. What is Laser
  2. Types of Lasers
  3. Classification of Dental Lasers
  4. Technology (modes, frequency, wavelength and power)
  1. Root Canal Therapy & Desensitization
  2. Pocket Sterilization & LBR
  3. Gingivectomy
  4. Teeth Whitening
  5. Aphthous Ulcer
  6. Dry Socket
  7. Trismus, TMJ Pain
  8. Post Operative Swelling & Paresthesia
  9. Protocols and Precautions
  1. Correction of Tongue Tie
  2. Gingival Depigmentation using CO2 Laser
  3. Gingival Depigmentation using an Erbium YAG Laser
  4. Gingival Depigmentation using Diode Laser
  5. Surgical Demonstration of Frenectomy
  6. Laser Activated Irrigation
  7. Uses In Endodontic Surgery
  8. Uses in Periimplantitis
  9. Uses in Peri-mucositits
  10. Vestibuluplasty using Lasers


Sr No

Case Type



Pocket sterilization

2 Cases



2 Segments



5 Quadrants



2 Cases



2 Cases


Gingivectomy /  Crown Lengthening

3 Cases


Endodontic Canal Sterilization

2 Cases


Bio Stimulation

2 Cases



Sr No





Workshop + 5 Cases

1  Week

Rs 40,000/


Advanced Laser Course (20 Cases)

1 month or 1 weekend for 3-months

Rs 99,000


Students need to have a valid Local Dental Council registration, with a valid BDS or MDS Degree from a recognized Dental College.

Yes, Course Completion will be provided to all Students who successfully complete the course quota. A experience letter shall also be provided which shall be based on quota completed under proper protocols and timely submission of case documentation.

Documentation involves uploading /Sharing pre-op, mid-op and post op photo of the respective course Quota on Ace Institute Telegram Group with relevant clinical points of significance in a timely manner.

Case Documentation is essential for:

1) Self Evaluation

2) Mentor Evaluation

3) Statutory Medico-Legal Requirement

4) Portfolio Preparing a comprehensive a portfolio for Future Job Opportunities

5) Research & Study

6) Unified Case Gallery: Good clinical photographs for pre-op, mid-treatment and post-treatment evaluation, follow-up, research, publication, seminars, conferencing, as well as patient canvassing and marketing of skills.

7) Scholarships & Certificate: Case documentation is mandatory to receive final Certificate of training & Scholarships

Refer the material requirement section above.

Subject to availability Institute can provide accommodation for female participants at its in-house Hostel.

Institute also has a 3rd Party Tie-Up with She- Stays Girls Hostel , which can also be considered by Female Students

Ace Institute of Dentistry time to time announces scholarships, which as and when decided upon shall be reflected in the course page above and our social media platforms.

Yes, we provide easy payment options. You may contact our Admissions Team for the same.

But we advice students to pay the complete course fees on course joining date, so as to avail certain Discounts over the total Fees

Yes, kindly contact our Admission Department for more info.


  1. The Duration may extend depending on patient availability and participants learning ability.
  2. Doctors are required to maintain a professional appearance by adhering to proper formal attire, as expected of medical professionals. However, we understand and respect individual religious beliefs, and any necessary adaptations to attire will be considered. It is kindly requested that during working hours, unless religiously necessary, any visible ear/nose piercings, anklets, or similar accessories be minimized to ensure a professional and focused environment.
  3. Students need to be ready to work/travel to any of our branches including rotatory postings.
  4. To encourage knowledge sharing as well as improving quality of teaching-learning, it is mandatory at Ace to do documentation of each case; As such, a min. documentation of the 70% cases is mandatory to receive course completeion certificate
  5. Course syllabus, teaching pedagogy as well as materials required are subject to change from time to time and shall be reflected on the website as such.
  6. As admission intakes are limited, courses once registered cannot be changed and the fees is non adjustable and non refundable under any circumstances whatsoever
  7. The students also are expected to show a professional conduct and follow rules of the clinic/branch they are posted even as they update from time to time
  8. Timings: Students are to adhere to respective Branch Timings.
  9. Leaves:  Unplanned leave: Atleast 24 hrs Prior. Minimum 3 days prior: Planned leaves.
  10. Students are to make sure, any pending cases are complete/rescheduled accordingly. Under no circumstance inconvenience to the patient shall be accepted.
  11. Patient Management Software: Most of our Branches have clinic management software’s. Students are to update their respective case progress on day to day basis, in the software.


“Best practice in Dentistry: Implantology, Rotary Endodontics, Lasers, Impactions, Fixed Ortho, Perio, etc”


Ace Institute Of Dentistry, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad, Telangana

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