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Highlights & Learnings

  1. Why rubber dam
  2. Journey of Rubber Dam
  3. Indications
  4. Advantages
  5. Contraindications
  1. Rubber Dam Sheets
  2. Tips about Rubber dam sheets
  3. Types of Rubberdam Clamps
  4. Types of Rubber Dam frames
  5. Advantage of foldable frames
  6. Must know things about rubber dam placement
  1. Single Tooth Isolation
  2. Multiple tooth isolation
  3. Quadrant Isolation
  4. Split Dam Technique
  5. Teeth isolation with deep subgingival margins
  6. Dam Inversion Technique
  7. Placement of wingless clamps
  8. Bilateral Clamp Placement
  9. Removal of rubber dam
  1. Making punch holes in case of malalignment
  2. How to make floss tie
  3. Customizing clamps for uncommon situations
  4. Getting additional access and visibility during rubber dam placement
  5. Modifying butterfly clamp
  6. Repairing tears in rubber dam sheets
  7. Pouch technique for rubber dam isolation
  8. Using winged clamp; in wingless way


  1. Single Posterior Tooth Isolation (All in one Technique)
  2. Single Anterior Tooth Isolation
  3. Sectional Isolation of Posterior Teeth
  4. Sectional Isolation of Anterior Teeth
  5. Isolation using brinker clamps(soft tissue retractors)
  6. Isolation of broken/ prepared tooth.
  7. Clamp less Isolation
  8. Isolation using different consistency of dam sheets
  9. Isolation for sub-gingival carrier defects
  10. Isolation for Bleaching Case


Sr No




2 Months Prior Booking

1 Month Prior Booking


1 Day Workshop

1 Day

INR 6,000

Complimentary Material

Rubber Dam Sheets Set

Complimentary Material

Liquid Dam


1 Day Workshop + 2 Cases

2 Days


Complimentary Material

Rubber Dam Sheets Set

Complimentary Material

Liquid Dam


1 Day Workshop + 5  Cases

3 Days

INR 25,000/-

Complimentary Material

Rubber Dam Sheets Set

Complimentary Material

Liquid Dam


Yes, Workshop Completion Certificate will be provided to all participants.

No, the workshop does not include clinical cases. But participants can opt for Clinical Cases Addon Modules.

Subject to availability Institute can provide accommodation for female participants at its in-house Hostel , which is subject to room availability and will be chargeable.

Institute also has a 3rd Party Tie-Up with She- Stays Girls Hostel , which can also be considered by Female Students


Free Videos (as part of student Project Work)


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