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Dr Shirin Fathima, UAE
Hii I'm Dr Shirin fathima from Hyd.I have recently completed my course in residency in restorative & surgical dentistry( one year).I have gained excellent knowledge by joining ace & I have done various procedures like RCTs,Laser Root canal procedures,Implants, Impactions, Extractions,Flap surgery ,Ortho treatments,Smile designing ,Post and core , and am thankful to the mentors Dr Amit sir, Dr Tara mam Dr Pravallika mam Dr Surya sir Dr Abdul Baqi for supporting me in every case. From being scared to learn any procedure to journey of feeling confident in every procedure is very grateful.
Residency Course
January 2023
Dr Bijoy, Oman
Learned and benefited a lot from this implant course ;Special thanks to Dr Amit 💐for facilitating such a positive learning environment! I really enjoyed this class and I'm excited to continue🤩. Thanks to ace institute for providing this opportunity.
Advanced Implantology
December 2023
Dr Abijith, Kerala, India
I have never seen a course where the mentor himself holds the suction tube and stood near to the participants to guide then. Though we had to travel some distance and stay there for a couple of weeks, this course was really fruitful. Helped us to build confidence in implantology.
Advanced Implantology
December 2023
Dr Rukhaiya Ahmed, Oman
From being scared to even check op patients to placing implants, I’ve come a long way here at Ace. All because of proper guidance and support. Dr Abdul sir and Dr Amit sir are great mentors without them I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today. It’s a great place to learn and build your confidence. Good pt exposure.
Recidency Course
October 2023
Dr. Sagar Swarup Rout, Odisha, India
Ace institute of dentistry offers an exceptional learning environment for aspiring dental professionals. The faculty's expertise and dedication are commendable, providing a wealth of knowledge and practical skills. The facility is well-equipped, fostering a conducive atmosphere for learning. The institute's commitment to upholding high standards in education and their support for students make it a top choice for anyone pursuing a career in dentistry.
9 Months Externship Course
November 2023
Dr Chaitanya Algur, Bidar, Karnataka, India
After a long break to my career , they helped me a lot to learn and update myself thank you Dr Amit sir, thank you Dr Harish sir.
Clinical Dentistry
April 2023
Dr Zeeshan Ladhani, Mumbai, India
Wonderful institute, with some fantastic teachers and a great learning environment. Kudos to Dr. Amit and the entire team for doing such a wonderful job, for providing a wonderful platform for aspiring students to learn and for providing a great facility to provide good quality care for patients.
Implantology Workshop
October 2023
Dr Faiyaz Ahmed Hanagi, Oman
Alhamdulillah I had great time at Ace academy.I was in express one week endo rotary course. Dr Abdulbaqi is a great mentor. He makes learning simple yet amazing. Helped me improve both clinical knowledge and confidence. Special thanks to Dr Abdulbaqi, Dr Amit and other staff.
Express Endodontic Course
June 2023
Dr Ajmal & Dr Ajmi, Kerala, India
We had a wonderful one-year journey with Ace institute of dentistry. Completed surgical and restorative residency program which incorporated endo, prostho, perio, ortho, implants, dis-impactions,lasers and much more. Was moreover like an all-in-one course. To be honest, this program really helped us in learning recent advances, new working modalities, enhancing clinical skills and improving diagnosis and treatment planning. All staffs are friendly and approachable. Of all thank you Dr. Amit Gilani for being there throughout the course to get the quota completed. Also thanking Dr. Tara, Dr. Surya, Dr. Arshiya, Dr. Pravallika, Dr. Mujeeb and Dr. Vivek Vijaykumar for the guidance and mentoring. Thank you All 😊
Residency In Clinical Dentistry
July 2023
Dr Shweta, Mumbai, India
I have recently finished an online Implantology course with Dr Amit Gilani. It is one of the best Implant courses available I've come across. Dr Amit explains all the concepts diligently. Highly recommended. Thank you, Dr Amit, for being instrumental in my Implant journey.
Implantology Online Course
July 2023
Dr Ruchita K. Channawar, Maharashtra
Had an amazing experience. Very good for improving our clinical skills.
Clinical Dentistry
December 2019
Dr Varun Bagaria
It is a good academy with ample amount of opportunities, good patient flow , without a second thought you will be well versed with all the general dentistry procedures I joined for a 4 month clinical dentistry course , which i completed my quota on time with many other different learnings Thank you Amit sir for being helpful always and motivation to use rubberdam and loops which makes dentist work very easy Thanks to all the faculty and member of Ace. Surely looking forward for some other course in near future
Hi, This is Dr Liva Noor. I have done Clinical dentistry course of 3 months and it was a wonderful experience as i got to learn a lot of new things in my field and got to do it practically. Was very happy with the patient flow and with the supportive staff Thankyou everyone😊
Dr Nigam Vajhi
Clinical Dentistry - 3 Months Course
I am Dr Manasa from Andhra Pradesh I joined clinical dentistry course for 4 months in ace it was great experience to join here The course helped me build confidence and improve my skills & during treatments the mentors are really friendly and helpful in each and every step I would like thanks Dr Harish sir Dr Amit sir Dr tara mam and all staff who guided and supported me Thanks to Ace !
Dr Kurapati Manasa
Clinical Dentistry - 4 Months Course
I’m Dr.Shrawasti Chawre from Maharashtra. I did 4 months clinical course in Ace Institute of Dentistry. I had great experience here. Everything was taught right from the basics to advance. Also I got to learn new updated techniques here. This course had helped me to build confidence and improve my skills. I would like to thanks Dr. Amit sir and all the staff for constantly guiding and supporting me. Thank you so much! Joining at Ace was my best decision.
Dr. Shrawasti Chawre
Clinical Dentistry - 4 Months Course
Hai I’m Dr.Harshitha I had joined in ACE for clinical dentistry course ( 4 months)and later i was interested and opted for Residency course(1year).Here i have learnt various new protocols. All the staff are very supportive and friendly especially Dr. Pravallika she corrected me in every single possible way to gain confidence in my work special thanks to her .
Dr Vani Sri harshitha Telagamsetti
Residency in Restorative & Surgical Dentistry - 1 Year
Hi, I'm Dr.Shivani Kothari, recently finished a Residency in implantology course from Ace Institute under the brilliant mentorship of Dr.Pravallika. I Find myself Extremely lucky to learn under the guidance of such a wonderful and knowledgeable person, I am very much Thankful to Ace institute for giving me this amazing environment, opportunities and platform to grow professionally for my future practice
Dr Shivani Kothari Ajmera
Residency In Implantology - 20 Cases
It was a very nice experience joining ace for 1 year, learned so many things of dentistry including endo-prostho , surgicals and orthos under the guidance of Dr Tara and Dr pravallika. The mentors are really good and helpful in each and every step of learning new things.
Dr Sudeep Meher
Residency In Restorative & Surgical Dentistry - 1 Year
It was a great experience to join here. I got to learn many things as there was a lot of patient exposure. This made me confident to proceed with the dentistry in my future. Thanks to all the staff Dr. Tara, Dr. Pravallika, Dr. Amit for being so supportive and guiding me at every step. I am very happy to complete my selected residency course in Ace. Thank you so much everyone!
Dr Suparna Dey
Residency In Restorative & Surgical Dentistry - 1 Year
It was an enriching program. More clinically oriented. Amit sir was flawless and extremely helpful. Thank u sir.
Dr.Gayathri Bharadwaz M
2 Days Endodontics Workshop @ Khammam
It was an amazing journey. Started from 0 bt now i feel confident. They have amazing staff, good management. I am really happy that i chose this place.
Dr Erwin Bara
Clinical Dentistry - Short Term Course
I have a immense gratitude towards ace learned a lot over here had a great learning experience. And the mentors over here r very understanding. Dr Abdul Dr tara , Dr amit , Dr pravallika tanq for your support . Special thanks to Dr Abdul and Dr tara . Your the most important people in shapping my career by giving me ur valuable time and experience. It is your support that has brought me where I'm Here today, more confident ,enthusiastic i can visualize my self during my initial stage where I was Hesitant to attempt anything new in dentistry Soo thanq once again boosting my confidence and helping me each n every step .
Dr Bala Bala Tripura Sundari
Clinical Dentistry - Short Term Course
Thnq ace for giving me this opportunity to learn dentistry from basic to the highest level of practice... I would like to thank all of you specially Dr.Amit Sir ,Dr. Tara ma'am,Dr .Pravalika ma'am ,Dr.Srujana ma'am,Dr.Harish sir my externship mentor...only because of your guidance I was able to learn most of the techniques in general dentistry practice.. I will suggest to the upcoming docs to grab the opportunity of learning in ace under your mentorship .. thnq Ace Dental. .
Dr Purusottam Rath
🤩Hello everyone, I'm Dr. Neha Rani, I have done my clinical course in ACE Institute and this is the best Institute😁 The constant presence of staff, amount of patients treated, morning teaching modules were timely ,effective and appropriate. 😇This course increased my confidence to diagnose better and tackle complex clinical cases and treatment plans. I learned a lot from this course: root canal treatment, post and core, bleaching, rubber dam application , impression techniques with putty material, crown preparation, extractions and many more. 😇Thank you Dr. Amit sir, Dr. Tara mam, Dr. Abdul sir, Dr. Pravallika mam for whole Heartedly helping us learn and creating friendly atmosphere which made learning fun. 😁thank you all🙏 I suggest you all to join here and learn recent advances . All the best entire ACE team for their future. 😇
Dr Neha Rani
Joining ACE for clinical dentisry course was the best decision i have made .It was a great experience and i really got good knowledge from basics,RCT , rubber dam appilication ,impression technique with putty material ,gingival retraction cord , laser ,post and core .All the mentors are really skilled and supportive .I thank Dr Amit Sir ,Dr Abdul Sir ,Dr Tara Mam ,Dr Pravallika Mam .I highly recommend to join ACE , it's the best place to learn
Dr Anu Thomas
First of all I want to thank Dr .Amit sir and all the staff for their support and guidance. During pandemic period also they taught me and trained me well by taking all precautions. It's the best institute to improve your dental skills.
Dr Swetha Tammaly
Hi Am Dr Nida Shaik from Bangalore, I have done my Advance Rotory Endodontics ,fixed prosthodontics and clinical dentistry course from Ace institute of Dentistry. It was a very helpful course I have learnt a lot of things and this has helped me to build my confidence in performing Root canal treatment ...Dr Amit has been really helpful and patience through out the course and Ace institute has amazing faculty...I highly recommend doctors to come forward and take up the courses in this institute
Dr Nida Shaik
Dr Samuel Khosla
Hello, I'm Dr Samu Khosla, I joined ace dental for 1yr residency course for restorative and surgical dentistry and 6mo residency course for aesthetic dentistry, I can truly say that the institute has helped me a lot, I started from knowing nothing about any dental treatment to having a vast knowledge regarding several treatments and now I'm honored to be a staff for ace institute, if anyone wants to enhance his dentistry skills whether you're a beginner or a specialist, I'd highly recommend you to join ace institute of dentistry
Dr Samuel Khosla
Ace is one of the best places to learn clinical courses in Hyderabad. I was doing my internship in GDC and I joined the course because I wasn't really satisfied with how the things were taught there. Right from basics , preclinicals to RCT with rubber dam placement and crown preparation with gingival retraction cord and impressions with putty. Everything was taught by the staff. All the staff is patient and ready to help all the time. If u have time and opportunity do not miss doing courses in this institute.
Dr Bhavna Gupta
Hi am Dr Neha Kulsum , I did my advance rotary endodontic fixed prosthodontics and Exodontia programme from ACE institute of dentistry. It was a great experience ,got to learn a lot of things and every detailing of the subject . I actually got a good hold on RCT after completing this course . The facility is great they provide efficient support .The faculty is extremely approachable , they makes sure that every aspect is covered leaving no stone unturned. Would highly recommend doctors willing to add value to your dental profile to take up courses in ACE institute of dentistry.
Dr Neha Kulsum


Welcome to Ace Institute of Dentistry! We offer short-term and long-term workshops and clinical courses for dentists. We operate on three core values: Ethics, learning by doing and Best Practice Protocols aligned with international standards. we offer a range of courses on Endodontics, Implantology, Exodontia, lasers and more. Our hands-on approach ensures ample patient exposure empowering dentists to excel in their practice.


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