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Direct Anterior Aesthetics - 1 Week Express Course

1 Week Dental Courses

Highlights & Learnings

  1. Introduction composite restorations
  2. Diagnosing interproximal caries
  3. How much do we need to prepare the cavity?
  4. Armamentarium for composite layering
  5. Making sense of different materials for composites
  6. Is my choice of light cure unit important during composite restorations?
  7. Do you know if your light cure unit is actually polymerizing materials?
  8. Direct or indirect restoration: Which to use when
  1. Single tooth isolation with rubber dam
  2. Isolating multiple teeth with rubber dam: A step by step approach
  3. How to make floss ties
  4. Isolating teeth in case of deep subgingival margins
  5. Pre-wedging and why we do it
  6. What matrix bands should we use?
  7. Matricing in composite restorations
  8. Types of wedges and indications
  1. The correct way to acid etch a tooth for composite restorations
  2. Correct bonding protocol for composite restorations
  3. Dentin and margin sealing before composite restorations
  1. Injection moulding technique for composite restorations
  2. Multilayering technique for anterior restorations
  3. Style Italiano technique for anterior restorations
  4. Hiding the grey in anterior composite restorations
  5. Guidelines for use of cavosurface bevels
  6. Direct composite veneers
  7. Layering in veneers: Tints and opaquers
  8. Modified putty index technique for anterior restorations
  9. A simple tip for increasing efficiency during composite restorations
  10. Shade matching for composites
  1. Diastema closure: Putty index technique
  2. Diastema closure: Injection moulding technique
  3. Diastema closure: Bioclear matrix system
  4. Diastema closure: The front wing technique
  1. Overview of steps in finishing and polishing composites
  2. Demonstration of finishing and polishing an anterior restoration
  3. Finishing and polishing protocol for posterior composite restorations
  4. OIL in composites: Oxygen Inhibition Layer
  5. Do I really need a slow speed handpiece for composite restorations?
  1. Class I restoration: Start to finish
  2. Class II restoration: Start to finish
  3. Class III restoration: Start to finish
  4. Class IV restoration: Start to finish
  5. Class V restoration: Start to finish
  1. Universal adhesives
  2. 7 tips for highly effective composite restorations
  3. 7 secrets to success in aesthetic dentistry
  4. Demystifying posterior composites
  5.  Direct posterior resin restorations


Sr No






Basic Exodontia

15 Cases

1 Week

₹ 15,000/-


Rotary Endontics

5 Cases

1 Week

₹ 40,000/-


Laser Dentistry

5 Cases

1 Week

₹ 40,000/-



4 Cases

1 Week

₹ 99,000/-


Rotary Endodontics 

10 Cases

1 Month

₹ 75,000/-



  1. The Duration may extend depending on patient availability and participants learning ability.
  2. Students need to be ready to work/travel to any of our branches for Case Allotments 
  3. To encourage knowledge sharing as well as improving quality of teaching-learning, it is mandatory at Ace to do documentation of each case; As such, a min. documentation of the 70% cases is mandatory to receive course completion certificate
  4. Course syllabus, teaching pedagogy as well as materials required are subject to change from time to time and shall be reflected on the website as such.
  5. As admission intakes are limited, courses once registered cannot be changed and the fees is non adjustable and non refundable under any circumstances whatsoever
  6. The students also are expected to show a professional conduct and follow rules of the clinic/branch they are posted even as they update from time to time
  7. Timings: Students are to adhere to respective Branch Timings.
  8. Leave Intimation:  Unplanned leave: Atleast 24 hrs Prior. Minimum 3 days prior: Planned leaves.
  9. Students are to make sure, any pending cases are complete/rescheduled accordingly. Under no circumstance inconvenience to the patient shall be accepted.
  10. Patient Management Software: Most of our Branches have clinic management software’s. Students are to update their respective case progress on day to day basis, in the software.


“Best practice in Dentistry: Implantology, Rotary Endodontics, Lasers, Impactions, Fixed Ortho, Perio, etc”


Ace Institute Of Dentistry, Chikkadpally, Hyderabad, Telangana

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