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Fixed Prosthodontics - Workshop


  1. Material options for indirect fixed prosthodontics
  2. All about PFM
  3. A complete guide to PFZ
  4. Everything you need to know about monolithic zirconia
  5. Can zirconia fracture?
  6. Everything you need to know about E-max
  7. How are E-max restorations made?
  8. PFM vs PFZ vs E-max for single unit posterior restorations
  1. Material selection 1: Position
  2. Material selection 2: Length of edentulous space
  3. Material selection 3: Interocclusal space
  4. Material selection 4: Need for bonding
  5. Material selection 5: Parafunctional habits
  6. Material selection 6: Age, allergy and laboratory competence
  1. Understanding biologic width
  2. Where should I place my margins?
  3. How to place finish lines subgingivally in a shallow sulcus
  4. How to place subgingival margins in a deep sulcus
  5. Why is there recession or inflammation around my crown?
  6. Diagnosing a biologic width violation
  1. Principles of tooth preparation
  2. Detailed demonstration of tooth preparation of a molar
  3. Detailed demonstration of tooth preparation of a premolar
  4. Detailed demonstration of tooth preparation of an incisor for full ceramic crown
  5. Detailed demonstration of tooth preparation of an incisor for PFM crown
  6. Average reduction for PFM prosthesis for posterior teeth
  7. Average reduction for monolithic restoration for posterior teeth
  8. Average reduction for PFM prosthesis for anterior teeth
  9. Average reduction for metal free prosthesis for anterior and posterior teeth
  10. Tooth preparation for bridges
  11. Wing preparation
  12. Preparation of tilted, rotated and supra-erupted teeth
  13. Ferrule and ferrule effects
  14. Preparation of intracoronal restoration
  1. Clearance: The goal of reduction
  2. How can interproximal clearance be correctly achieved?
  3. Making sense of finish lines in prosthodontics
  4. The importance of finish lines
  5. Finish line refinement
  6. Margin placement with respect to gingival crest
  7. Avoiding ski-jump ramps in finish line
  1. Implications of under reduction
  2. Preparing the distal margin of a maxillary second molar
  3. The secrets to ensuring longevity of prosthesis part 1
  4. The secrets to ensuring longevity of prosthesis part 2
  5. Logic behind secondary retention and resistance features
  1. Is tissue retraction really important?
  2. Different techniques for tissue retraction
  3. Choosing the correct retraction cord
  4. What size retraction cord should I use?
  5. Demonstration of cord packing technique
  6. Single cord technique
  7. Double cord technique
  8. The correct way to retrieve a cord from the sulcus
  9. Are there any drawbacks of retraction cords?
  10. Cordless techniques for retraction
  11. Chemical haemostasis: Bleeding gums before impression making
  12. Techniques to achieve haemostasis prior to impression
  1. Perforated trays: A universal choice?
  2. Metal or plastic tray for my next impression?
  3. Triple trays for impressions
  4. Is buying a tray adhesive a waste of money?
  5. Understanding impression materials and their techniques
  6. All about polyether
  7. Do automixing systems waste material?
  8. Preparing a cartridge for light body impressions
  9. Bleeding a cartridge
  10. How to prepare putty for an impression
  11. Making the perfect C-Silicone impressions
  12. Making perfect triple tray Addition Silicone impressions
  13. Making one step polyether impressions
  14. Perfect polyether impressions using triple tray
  15. Disinfecting an impression
  1. Troubleshooting in impressions
  2. Suppose my impression isn’t accurate?
  3. Voids at the margin of my impression
  4. My impression tray keeps contacting teeth
  5. My impression separated from the tray
  6. My impression margins are lacking detail
  7. My impression keeps tearing
  8. Drag marks at the margin of my impression
  1. Ideal requirements of pontics
  2. Natural tooth pontic
  3. What pontic design should I choose?
  4. Saddle or ridge lap pontic
  5. Modified ridge lap pontic
  6. Ovate pontic
  7. Sanitary pontic
  1. The basics of occlusion
  2. Importance of ideal occlusion
  3. Mutually protected occlusion
  4. Dynamic Occlusal Relationships
  5. Static occlusion for anterior teeth
  6. Static occlusion for posterior teeth
  7. Restoration of anterior guidance in anterior aesthetic case
  8. Canine guidance vs group function
  9. Types of interferences in occlusion
  1. Coping trial for prosthesis
  2. A guide to shade selection
  1. Consequences of leaving an occlusal interference
  2. Cementation or bonding: A better choice
  3. An important tip post bonding of indirect restorations
  4. Sensitivity even after a root canal?
  5. Bonding mechanism for indirect restorations
  6. Cementation of PFM prosthesis
  7. Cementation of Emax prosthesis
  8. Cementation of Zirconia prosthesis
  1. Simplified techniques of tooth preparation
  2. Occlusal considerations in dentistry
  3. The game of crowns
  4. Restoring endodontically treated teeth
  5. Articulating papers in dentistry
  6. Dental Ceramics


Sr No




Teeth Mounting


Rubber Base Impressions

a) Single Step

b) Two Step

Total 2




Tooth Preparations:

(extracted teeth)

a) PFZ

b) Metal Crown

c) Monolithic Crown

d) Veneers

e) All Ceram

Total 5 







Material Requirement

  1. 5 Anterior & 5 Posterior Extracted Teeth
  2. Aerotor
  3. Remaining materials required for the workshop shall be catered for by the Institute


Fees: Rs 10,000/-


Yes, Workshop Completion Certificate will be provided to all participants.

No, the workshop does not include clinical cases. But participants can opt for Clinical Cases Addon Modules.

Subject to availability Institute can provide accommodation for female participants at its in-house Hostel , which is subject to room availability and will be chargeable.

Institute also has a 3rd Party Tie-Up with She- Stays Girls Hostel , which can also be considered by Female Students


Welcome to Ace Institute of Dentistry! We offer short-term and long-term workshops and clinical courses for dentists. We operate on three core values: Ethics, learning by doing and Best Practice Protocols aligned with international standards. we offer a range of courses on Endodontics, Implantology, Exodontia, lasers and more. Our hands-on approach ensures ample patient exposure empowering dentists to excel in their practice.


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