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Chief Complaint: Pain in her lower left back tooth region

O/E:- Fractured mesiolingual cusp with vertical crack in mesiobuccal cusp extending till buccal Pit caries

Treatment done- RCT done irt 46
Maximum caries removal done before AO, 4 canals located
BMP done till 30/4% for all canals under hypo reservoir throughout

Working Length- mb&ml(18.5mm), db&dl(18mm)

Copious irrigation and activation done with hypo and EDTA liquid and final irrigation with saline

Post obturation, total caries removal done using CDD
Onlay preparation done involving mesiobucca l& mesiolingual cusp with flat margin lingually and beveled margin buccally


Welcome to Ace Institute of Dentistry! We offer short-term and long-term workshops and clinical courses for dentists. We operate on three core values: Ethics, learning by doing and Best Practice Protocols aligned with international standards. we offer a range of courses on Endodontics, Implantology, Exodontia, lasers and more. Our hands-on approach ensures ample patient exposure empowering dentists to excel in their practice.


Ace Institute Of Dentistry, Kishanbagh, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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